Pink Wings stands in opposition against boredom and bland approach towards children’s photography. In our photo sessions we release childhood – we allow our models to be carefree and enjoy the world in which they can go whenever and wherever they want. Young age is not only smiles and butterflies: it is also anger, tears and pride! We get it. This is why our campaigns have unique character: they are fresh and wonderfully expressive. Our very own models database contains fantastic, talented children ready and open for new projects.

Our Studio and Agency didn’t happen by chance. The founder, Anastazja Borowska has always been a seeker: seeker of emotions, personalities and art. ASP graduate, clothing designer and mum to two children, Anastazja created the studio and Agency out of love for creativity, unlimited freedom and wing-spreading childhood.

5.10.15, You’n’ Me, WOLA, OX Wear, Mint Magazine, Kikimora Magazine, GAGA Magazine, Kidzootd Magazine, Poster Child Magazine, Le Mu, Fluff, Tutu du Monde, Belati Kids, Paper Wings, Nikolia, Hey Popinjey, Four’eMki, Dancing in the Grass, Mouse in a House, Baghera Cars, Efvva, Miszkomaszko, Wola, Gatta, Besta Plus.

Fresh take on projects, flexibility and authentic emotions – welcome to Pink Wings Studio!

Pink Wings by Tato Studio
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